At this moment, the pavilion owner's palm and five fingers seemed to be pulling five very thin lines.

These five lines are connecting Yuan Yu's body!

In fact, these five lines connect Yuan Yu's soul!

"Uh ah ah..."

Yuan Yu screamed out in the air, his limbs were so painful that they were twisted, and his right arm and left leg even squeezed back from the joint, which looked quite weird.

But at the same time, he can also feel his extreme pain.


The breath of Yuan Yu's body was extremely disordered, and he felt that his soul was about to be torn apart! 78 Chinese Network

Seeing this scene, the eyes of the other monks around were shocked.

The patron of the Zhixin Pavilion rarely shows up.

As soon as he shot it now, it turned out to be Yuan Yu who had just merged with the gods and demons!

Looks like... Is this an infighting

After all, Yuan Yu itself is attached to Zhixin Pavilion!

"Yuan Yu... I clearly said that all your past behaviors were guided by me, so why would you still think of fighting against me How do you fight against me" The pavilion master asked with a smile on his face.

The five fingers of his right palm were slightly pulled, and Yuan Yu's pain intensified.

At this moment, Yuan Yu is better to die than life!

He didn't know what happened! Why does his soul suffer from tearing pain!

He has integrated the body of the gods and demons, he should be invincible in the world!

Why can the pavilion master cause him so much damage !

"In the exercises that I asked you to practice, I added a little bit. From the time you start to transform your soul so as to perfectly blend with the gods and demons, your ending is doomed." The pavilion master said with a smile. "Do you think...I would really give you the existence of the gods and demons at this level"

This Yuan Yu shocked Yuan Yu, who was in extreme pain, and his brain almost burst!

By this time, he was soberly aware of his current situation. 166

He was completely taken advantage of!

It was completely used!

He thought he had a fusion of gods and demons, but in fact... he made a wedding dress for the pavilion master in front of him!

"You fuse the gods and monsters, I... fuse your souls...then, the gods and monsters are mine." The pavilion master smiled brighter and said, "Yuan Yu, you know why I chose you in the first place, and specially Do you want to come from the Protoss In fact, what I like... is the special magic that you have mastered, as well as your talent and physique."

"I like to experiment. I have tried many subordinates, but the results... none of them can fully master the skills needed to fuse the gods and demons, but you can."

"Yes, you are gifted, and you really get my attention by relying on your own strengths."

After listening to these words, Yuan Yu only felt that the sky was dim and the earth was dark, like falling into an ice cave!

He spent 80,000 years and looked forward to a full 80,000 years, and finally successfully integrated the gods and demons.

However, his carnival has just begun, he has just begun to take action, has just felt the pleasure of mastering the strongest power... everything is over!

He is not reconciled, he is not reconciled!

He could have climbed to the top and could become the sole master of Yunyu Continent!

"Yuan Yu, in fact, I have given you a chance. If you were obedient, I could have given you more time to enjoy this **** and devil body, but... you are too arrogant, I don't like it." The pavilion master shook. Shaking his head, he said, "However, I am still very kind. I gave you a period of time and still made you feel the feeling of mastering absolute strength."

"Let it go, let me go, let me go, pavilion master, let me go... I am willing to obey all your orders..."

At this time, Yuan Yu's heart collapsed.

Under the extreme pain, he asked for mercy with difficulty.

The pavilion master smiled again, with coldness, joking, and sarcasm in his smile.

"It is a great honor for a human race to be able to enjoy the absolute strength for a short while, and you should be happy for it." The Pavilion Master said, "When a huge opportunity appears in front of your eyes, the first thing you should think of is... Are you blessed"

Between the words, the pavilion master's right palm and five fingers continued to move.


Yuan Yu was in pain and screamed terribly.

At this moment, Fang Yu and Wang Fan in the distance both frowned.

Wang Fan looked at Yuan Yu with sadness in his eyes and on his face, but he showed no mercy.

Yuan Yu thinks she is smart ~ www.novelhall.com~ is in control of everything... But she is clever but was mistaken by cleverness, and made every effort to make wedding dresses for others.

For Yuan Yu, such an ending was considered retribution.

And such an experience can be considered comical.

Yuan Yu betrayed all the disciples of Yuanshi Ancient City in exchange for his own life, and wanted to take refuge in the gods.

However... the Protoss still didn't trust him, and in the end he could only rely on Zhixin Pavilion.

After taking refuge in the Zhixin Pavilion, I got a lot of information about the gods and demons, so that relying on this information to directly obtain the gods and demons...Finally, they integrated smoothly.

But all this turned into a phantom after all!

Yuan Yu thought he was in control of everything, and never thought... Behind him, there is the shadow of Zhixin Pavilion!

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