Chapter 3107 Tomorrow Town

  Welfare came too suddenly, which made her feel unreal.

   Moreover, she has always believed that you have to give to get something. Now she didn't pay anything, she just dropped a big pie out of thin air, which made her unable to accept this benefit with peace of mind.

  Maybe the benefit that Maggie gave was not a free cake...it was a long fishing line, which is not visible now, and when it is stretched one day in the future, the hook will firmly hook her mouth

  It is precisely because of this that Jeanne asked Angela with anxiety.

   After listening, Angel smiled and replied, "I think you may be overthinking it. Maybe Miss Maggie doesn't mean what you think."

   "Because in my opinion, your contribution is not small."

   Jeanna looked confused: I... have a contribution

  Angol: "You entered the Silver Coral Island and became the first person to participate in the challenge of the Little Treasure Pagoda. This is a kind of sacrifice."

   Jeanne: ""

  According to this statement, doesnt everyone who enters the Little Treasure Pagoda in the future pay

   Then why did Miss Maggie not give benefits to the latecomers

  Angol: "Because the latecomers, such as me, did not actually bring any useful information to Miss Maggie. And you really brought her new information."

   Jeanne: …I brought information I do not know how

Angel: "Actually, if you think carefully about Miss Maggie's words, you will know that after you came out of the Little Treasure Pagoda, she added some preconditions that were not there before, such as 'After your trials, I found out what What'."

   "The implication is that without your trial, she wouldn't be able to discover these things."

   "So, according to my speculation, Miss Maggie didn't know that much about the Little Treasure Tower at first, but when you entered the Little Treasure Tower and cleared the level, she unlocked a lot of information that she didn't know before."

   "As the first person to eat crabs, you brought her a lot of information; and the latecomers, even if they pass the customs, probably won't bring more new information."

   "So, you don't need to feel that you are taking advantage of it in vain, you have paid for it."

   After listening to Angel's analysis, Jeanna thought about it carefully. Indeed, Miss Maggie's rhetoric has changed since she came out.

   Moreover, the so-called trial level theme was something that Miss Maggie didnt mention at all before.

   This is a high probability that she only got the information later.

   In this way, she is indeed thinking too much...

   Jeanne bowed to Angel a little embarrassedly: "I understand, thank you for your guidance."

  Angol: "What are you going to do next, continue here to prepare for the next level of the ocean level"

Jeanne nodded: "Yes, I'm going to try it out, how far I can go in the Little Treasure Pagoda when I'm preparing for the battle... However, it's a pity that if I'm preparing for the battle here, I probably won't be able to help others. A new resident trapped in a copy of Wonderland."

"Another new resident trapped in the fairyland dungeon." Angel pondered for a moment: "Actually, it is estimated that she will have a hard time clearing the customs in a short period of time. Maybe, when the challenge is over on your side, she will still be there. Struggling... so, you still have a chance."

   Jeanne was surprised: "Is it difficult for her After I clear the 120th floor, there is a chance that she will not clear the level"

  Angol: "...You are quite confident."

   Angel just said 'Let Na end the challenge', referring to the tenth floor. Because of the mechanism that the difficulty of each layer will increase, if Jeanna wants to keep clearing the level, she must follow her strength.

   But she doesn't receive the reward given by the small treasure tower, it will be very difficult to improve her own strength. Once the reward is received, it is equivalent to directly ending the challenge.

   Therefore, Angel thinks that she will receive the reward within the tenth floor, then dormant for a while, and after digesting the reward, she will challenge the small treasure tower, and perhaps enter a higher floor.

  I didn't expect that Jeanna's own tone was not small, and she wanted to clear the 120th floor in one breath... This is highly unlikely to be achieved.

  Let Na smirk: "You must have a goal before you can surpass yourself."

  Angol shook his head without making any comments.

   Jeanne: "Sir, can you tell me what type of fairyland copy she has over there I want to prepare in advance."

Angel thought for a while, and said, "That fairyland copy looks a bit like a puzzle-solving copy at present, testing the ability to observe and remember. But this is only the current situation, will there be other changes I don't know that."

   Jeanne: "Sounds not too difficult"

Angel did not give a difficult judgment, but said objectively: "The trapped new resident is not an adventurer, but she has a strong ability to analyze and detect... If you let her come to clear your first chapter just now. She should finish the first-level trial within fifteen minutes."

   That is to say, in solving puzzles, Jeanna is likely to be inferior to the other party.

   But even so, she is still trapped in the fairyland dungeon and cannot move. From this, it can be seen that the difficulty of the other side of the fairyland dungeon is definitely not low.

   Jeanne naturally heard Angel's overtones, and she whispered: "I'm not aiming for training, after graduating from the Little Treasure Tower, my puzzle solving ability will definitely be better."

  Angol: "Then I can look forward to how you can clear that dungeon."

   After confirming the type of the other Wonderland dungeon, Jeanne did not stay here any longer, but walked towards the seaside. In the next period of time, she will probably stay near the sea.

   After Jeanne disappeared at the end of the forest, Angel prepared to go offline.

   However, before Angel left, a soft voice came from his ear: "I felt that Mr. was observing subtle things before, but I didn't expect that even the details of my words were noticed by Mr.

   The person who spoke did not appear, but Angel knew very well that the person who spoke was the treasured mermaid Meiji.

  According to the observation from God's perspective, Maggie's body is actually several kilometers away... This also allows Angel to know a new piece of information: Maggie can observe and listen to conversations in the distance.

Isn't what    said in Maggie's words the conversation he had with Jeanne before. So, Maggie must have heard their conversation.

   "Then Miss Maggie thinks what I said is right or wrong" Angel said softly.

  Meiji: "It's roughly right. I do have a lot of information. I didn't know it at first. Only after certain conditions are met, will this world inform me."

"However, I also want to invest in Jeanne in advance. The environment of the silver coral island does not meet the standard I want, and the golden coral island is my ideal residence, so in order to achieve this wish, I also hope that someone can clear the small customs as soon as possible. Tower of Treasures."

  Angol: "Miss Maggie is very confident in Jeanne"

   Maggie chuckled: "At present, Na has entered the small treasure tower alone, and I only watched her challenge. Although it has not reached the point where I want it, it is not bad."

   "However, after listening to her previous conversation with you, you seem to have more experience with Wonderland Otherwise, try to challenge the Little Treasure Pagoda. If you perform well, I will also give you a special reward."

  Angol did not answer this question, but asked: "If someone passes the Little Treasure Pagoda, you will go to Golden Coral Island in the future. Will the qualification for entering the island of Silver Coral Island be relaxed"

  If the qualifications for entering the island of Silver Coral Island are relaxed in the future, Angel would not mind finding someone to clear the Little Treasure Tower...Turas is a good choice.

Maggie: "I can't give an answer. Although the qualification for entering the island of Silver Coral Island is determined by me, the qualification threshold is the rules set by Silver Coral Island. Of course, it does not mean that it is absolutely impossible. If someone clears the small treasure tower in the future , maybe the customs clearer can formulate the qualifications for entering the island of Silver Coral Island"

  Meiji gave an ambiguous answer, inside and out, hoping that someone could clear the Little Treasure Tower as soon as possible.

   "How about, are you going to challenge yourself now"

  Angol: "I still have the previous answer. If I have time, I will try to challenge the small treasure tower, but now, I have more important things."

  Meggie saw Angel's determination, snorted softly, and didn't talk to Angel again.

  Angol went offline.

   But soon, Angel went online again, but now his location is not near Rabbit Town.

   Instead, he came to a flat crystal plain, where there are boundless fields, and even the crystal mountain that reaches the sky cannot be seen, which shows the remoteness of his current location.

   However, when Angel walked to a certain place in Jingyuan, there was a sudden mist around him.

  Mist comes fast and dissipates fast.

  When the fog dissipated, Jingyuan, which had nothing at all, suddenly appeared a "small town".

  This is a very ordinary town, the style is a bit biased towards the Principality of Wu Nong, almost all buildings are made of wood, there are more trees and flowers than houses, and there are many tree houses.

   Judging from the architecture of the town, it is actually very suitable as a gathering place for new residents.

   However, unfortunately, this "town" is not real, it is just an illusion.

  Anger walked into the town. With a close look, you can see that the buildings in the town are obviously distorted, many places are blurred, and the details cannot stand up to scrutiny at all.

   This is a mirage.

  If Angel was asked to comment, this mirage is not even qualified for entry... From a distance, it's fine, but it's too fake from a close look.

  Angel walked along the flat stone road in the town until he reached the church.

   In this church, there is the only "real" thing in this town.

   As soon as he entered the church, Angel saw something incompatible with the surroundings—a sand table.

  The sand table is placed in the center of the church, but it is different from the sand table that Angel has seen before. This is a crystal sand table. The tray of the sand table is made of crystal, and the sand grains are also grains of crystal sand, which looks quite shining.

   At this time, a small town is stacked in the crystal sand table. The appearance of the small town is exactly the same as the outside illusion, but the small town in the sand table looks more real.

  This crystal sand table is the goal of Angel's trip.

   It's not an ordinary sandbox, it's the entrance to... Wonderland dungeon.

Before   , the other new resident who was caught in the fairyland dungeon mentioned by Angel and Jeanne when they were talking was the one who fell into this fairyland dungeon.

   The name of this fairyland copy is: Tomorrow Town.

  Angol sank his thoughts into the sand table, and with a change of sight, his perspective has come to the sky above Tomorrow Town.

The appearance of   Tomorrow Town is the same as the town in the sand table and the phantom town in the outside world, but the town in the copy is real, and there are still a large number of people living there.

   These people are residents of Tomorrow Town, but whether they are NPCs or not, Angel has no way to judge.

  Because the residents of this town are actually part of the dungeon puzzle solving.

  Through the perspective of God, Angel's eyes were fixed on a corner of Tomorrow Town...

   This is a small two-story building, located in the most lively market in Tomorrow Town. A girl with glasses lives in the building.

   She was at the desk on the second floor at this time, burying her head in writing.

  Angel saw what she wrote through the perspective of God.

   "It's a little weird. When I woke up today, I felt like I forgot something... What is it"

   "My name is Miu Miu, should I be seventeen this year...or eighteen It doesn't matter, the girl's age is a secret. So, this should be normal."

   "Today is Crystal Flower Day. The market is very lively. I'm going to buy flowers for my mother. This should be normal, but where is my mother now"

   "I don't even know why I use a pen to write, obviously I can think about it slowly. Forget it, I've already started taking notes, so let's continue."

"Hey, what's the name of the vendor who sells ornamental fish downstairs It looks familiar. Also, I always feel like I've heard what he said to that old lady. It's probably just a 'sense of sight'. , is it barely normal"

"I remember that there seemed to be seventeen flowers on the opposite tree. I counted them, and it turned out to be seventeen... It's just weird, why do I remember that there are seventeen flowers there, and when did I count them I think about it. , maybe when I was in a daze last night, if you say that, then it's normal."

   "My father seems to be a pastor... Hey, why do I use 'like' Also, can a pastor get married"

"and also…"

  The girl named Miao Miao wrote a lot of content. From the context, she seemed to suspect that there was a problem with her memory, so she used the method of recording to find the answer.

   However, a lot of things clearly felt wrong, but she ended up with "should be normal" in the end.

   A bit of a forced normal feeling.

   Soon, the girl wrote to the last row.

"I feel like I really have a problem, I forgot what my profession is, am I a student But I always feel wrong, I'm not a student, I'm like a... detective But where is my detective house "

   "No, no, no! There's a big problem here, am I really from tomorrow's town!"

   (end of this chapter)-